Name: Ali Mir
Start Date: 1999
Age: 26
Previous Career: Student

What really struck me about The Tuscan Organisation was the incredible atmosphere in the office when I came for my first interview; everyone was so friendly and happy to talk. I was simply taking a year out from University and of course wasn’t looking for a career. My aim was just to work and save enough money to enable me to go travelling but after a short period of time I saw people of a similar age to me achieving great things and this convinced me that I could be successful in the company.

My intentions changed when I began to understand the opportunities the company had to offer and I decided to continue working and postpone my studies. I developed an incredible work ethic and also an understanding that my success depended on me. This was a big turning point for me.

" I realised that due to the business development programme I did not have to wait for anyone to move my career forward and I controlled how far and how quickly I progressed. With this in mind I put my plan of running my own marketing company into motion. "

I loved the fact that I enjoyed going to work every day and the atmosphere and people were great. It really motivated me that every marketing company owner started in the same place in the company and that gave me the inspiration to believe I could do it too.

I now manage over 300 people and 10 locations across the UK and my goal is to continue expanding all across Europe and pass on the skills I have learnt to future business partners.

" I feel very fortunate to have found an organisation that gave me the opportunity to develop and learn at my own pace and to gain experience in an industry that I had no previous knowledge of. "
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