Name:       Kirsten Skade
Start Date:     2004
Age:    33
Previous Career:  Export and Marketing

Having just returned to Denmark after finishing my BA in Marketing and Strategy at University of Greenwich in London, I found myself working in a retirement home caring for the elderly. Shortly after, I decided to find a job which related to my studies and applied for an opening advertised in the local newspaper.

After the interview I was very curious about the company because having lived in a number of different counties and working for several large international businesses in export and marketing, I had never seen this type of business before. What especially appealed to me was the clear promotional structure. Intrigued by the news of the company’s future expansion into Germany I started in the Copenhagen office in January 2004. After my initial training I was selected to be part of the team that started in Germany, September 2004.

It took me a little while to get consistent in sales but as I learnt how to apply the systems the sales came automatically. Training people had always been one of my favourite things and by applying the systems I had learnt I was able to pass my success onto others.

" In 2006 I was given the opportunity to pioneer the Charity division in Germany, with this came the chance to travel to different countries. I was sent Australia, Ireland and England to learn from the best in our organisation. This was an incredible and life changing experience, one which I will remember for ever. "

No position has challenged me in the way this one does and makes me push myself on a daily basis. One of the things I love about this business is that every day is great fun, always different and I am working with a fantastic team of people who are willing to help and support me in to achieve my goals. But what really motivates me is seeing the business grow from one day to the next and watching people that I have helped to train succeed.

My goals for the future are to finish stage 5 of the Business Development Program and begin building an organisation starting with my first office in Hamburg. I also intend to make the charity division the largest, strongest and most successful in Germany by expanding across the whole country.

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